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Passionately Yours

I hope you will become as charmed as I have by the stories of various outspoken, impressive women who contributed to history. I have long had two passions in my life: writing and acting. The two dovetailed quite nicely and were joined by a third in the late 1990s, when I began to read biographies of famous women. Immediately, I realized that there are many, many women – some well known, some not so familiar – who had valuable lessons to share with us today. So I decided to tell their tales – as they might have done so themselves. I developed a series of one-woman plays that I like to consider “conversations with history.”

Through them, I bring various women to life in intimate, comfortable presentations that make audience members feel as though they are actually visiting with Amelia Earhart or Sarah Bernhardt.

On my site, you can get to know these women a little better and read brief synopses of my plays. You can also find out more about my own history.

My event section will let you know about public performances I have coming up.

I hope you enjoy your visit. If you would like to find out more about me and the women I am hoping to keep alive or if you have feedback on my site, please let me know by clicking on the contact button.

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